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  • The new ‘modern’ take on what’s required when it comes to PROVIDE & PROTECT and how this will impact your life moving forward.
  • Why FINDING PURPOSE is a load of BS and what you need to do about it so you can start living a life with more meaning.
  • How a daily ‘game’ is changing the way men are creating a life filled with PURPOSE, POWER & PROFIT and how you can start playing before it’s too late.
  • And much, much more...


  • The key ingredients that you need to incorporate into your life to create a POWERFUL & FUNCTIONAL body that is healthy and strong - without having to be a professional athlete.
  • Further insight into the game changing 6 Step MORNING POWER ROUTINE™ system that will give you the explosive get-up-and-go of a ‘Punch To The Face’ without a black eye, bleeding nose or broken teeth.  
  • And much, much more...


  • Why the term ‘BUSY’ is nothing more than a lazy man's label and why you need to become a PROFITABLE PRODUCER.
  • An introduction to the 90 DAY IGNITE SYSTEM™ that CODE BLACK™ graduates are using to massively increase their net worth.
  • The 1 crucial question you must answer every morning in order to progress in life and create real, relevant RESULTS.
  • And much, much more...


- THE CORE 4 - We'll dig into the 4 key pillars that are REDEFINING what it means to be THE MAN. 

- A.A.C.A.R - I'll share with you the cycle driven methodology that changes the game in terms of creating REAL RELEVANT RESULTS.  

- IDENTIFYING AUTHENTICITY - I’ll share with you a simple strategy that will help you bring personal peace and allow you to live authentically YOU.  

- BUILDING YOUR KINGDOM - Learn the 7 components that we call the RISING KINGS SYSTEM that is enabling men to break free of the grind, to evolve and create more power and profit than they ever thought possible.  

- THE KING'S CREED - I’ll take you into the world of a KING and introduce you to the creed that is a value system the men in the BROTHERHOOD live by. 

And Much, Much More...


"If the KING doesn’t RISE, the Kingdom DIES!” 

The age old notion of finding SUCCESS is DEAD… and has created a society of disconnected, disgruntled and frustrated men

We’re amidst a transition point in the evolution of defining what it means to be THE MAN that is as big, if not bigger in terms of importance as that of the industrial revolution and you’re required to be a part of it.  

PURPOSE. POWER. PROFIT is a workshop created BY MEN for MEN, to give you clarity and insight into all that you have been looking for as a married businessman but have struggled to label.  

This event has been specifically created to open your eyes to the new game, the new rules we as men need to play by if we’re to evolve.  

Moving away from the age old ‘men’s retreat’ frameworks - hold hands and sing kumbuyah hoping everything will be alright - PURPOSE. POWER. PROFIT is a workshop that takes a new approach to answering the age old question:




  • IT’S MEN ONLY: Meaning we can have REAL, RAW & RELEVANT conversations man-to-man.  
  • IT’S NOT a ‘corporate business’ or ‘motivation’ seminar pretending to sell you on how to ‘make more money’: PURPOSE. POWER. PROFIT. Is a fast paced 3 hour WORKSHOP looking at LIFE AS A MAN that will share with you a new view on how to ‘boost profits’, while keeping your marriage in tact and having time for raising your kids.  
  • NO B.S. NO FLUFF: We’re busy men - married, kids, running businesses etc - so we’ll get straight to the f*cking point to get you moving in the direction you desire. This is a workshop created with one key component in mind - PROGRESS. Anything else if just noise.



  • MEN who are seeking a life filled with PURPOSE, POWER & PROFIT… because living any other way is for suckers.

  • MEN who are looking for more meaning in their life… and are sick and tired of drifting through the abyss.

  • MEN who want to be a better Father, Husband and Leader… instead of leaving it all to chance.  
  • MEN who recognise that no one is coming to save them… and want a proven path to follow to be liberated.

  • MEN who want to BE MORE, DO MORE & HAVE MORE… because being average and comfortable sucks.

  • MEN who want to be able to operate at PEAK PERFORMANCE day in, day out… instead of grinding through life like it’s ground hog day.

  • MEN who are ready to step up and create the life they deserve… because life’s too fucking short to live any other way.


  • WOMEN: Sorry ladies, we love you, but this time it's a MEN's only gathering ; )  
  • You're under 18yrs old...  
  • MEN who are looking for someone to come and SAVE THEM…  
  • MEN who pretend that they have everything under control… 

  • MEN who aren’t willing to get out of their comfort zone… 

  • MEN who are happy to operate at 50% of their potential…

  • MEN who want to remain the big fish in a small pond...

  • MEN who worry more about the cost of investing in themselves vs the cost of NOT!



My name is Ben Salkeld, I'm a loving husband, present father of two amazing children, entrepreneur, and founder of RISING KINGS™ and the CODE BLACK™ experience... and I'm passionate about supporting other men awaken to their kingship that they truly deserve.  

I believe that when bold men like yourself reconnect with the KING within, it will unleash new levels of freedom, fulfilment, and abundance, with a massive ripple effect that will be felt for generations.  

I know, because I experienced it firsthand. I was a slave, lost in a sea of lies and stories I would tell myself, I had no true clarity over what I wanted or any higher purpose in my life, I was drifting like the men around me, not realising there was something bigger awaiting me.  

Over time I became the stereotypical hot-tempered father, the disconnected husband, the ever-busy worker who always felt there was something missing (never truly happy, but not in enough pain to bother doing anything about it).  

After many challenging years, doing the work, I finally figured out how to bring that King to the surface and create the powerful and peaceful Kingdom I longed for.  

For this reason, I believe that helping other men uncover the King that's inside them is one of the most important things that I can do - my soul purpose.  

So, I decided to share all the truths, processes, and transformational advice I've learned over the years with Men who want to BE MORE, DO MORE and HAVE MORE.

What I have, is a path, a methodology, a framework that has enabled me (and countless other men just like you) to…

  • Create a marriage that's on fire with passion, connection, joy & deeply fulfilling intimacy - instead of just "tolerating" each other, or simply settling with a 'good marriage' - and not a great one.
  • Become a present, loving, connected father to my children - instead of feeling guilty about being 'too busy' to be there for them. 
  • Have a ripped 'weaponized' body I feel confident, powerful & healthy in.
  • Live a life deeply rooted with a sense of certainty, purpose and spiritual fulfilment.

Brother, do yourself a favour and take 3 hours out of your busy week to get a new perspective on what it means to be THE MAN. (Even your wife will thank you for it.)

See you soon.

Power & Purpose,  

Ben Salkeld (Founder - RISING KINGS)



Saturday, October 14th: 6:45pm - 6:55pm: Registration 7:00pm SHARP!: Workshop 

U13/175 Lower Gibbes st, Chatswood * FREE PARKING.



Get along to this event brother. For YOU, for your WIFE, for your KIDS...

50% OFF Enter Where To Send The Promo Code...